About Us


America Bybon is an US company, headquarters in South San Francisco, California. Bybon is the brand name for all products. America Bybon positions as a factory direct manufacture and distributor of wire and cable used in the distribution and transmission of electricity and related electrical. We have different independent operated subsidiaries. We have our own warehouse that can cut and ship materials same day for delivery or pickup. We provide highest quality products and dependable service to our customers, our communities. We Connect Power 24 hours a day, all year round.

Our Mission: “Honesty, Quality and Innovation”


America Bybon has its own warehouse in the US to inventory the wires and cables and electrical products. These types of wires and cables come in a wide variety of constructions and sizes. At America Bybon, we cut the wires and cables down to the size to meet the quantity needs of all electrical distributors. We have over 260,000 square feet of factories and warehouses, with advance production and testing equipment. Strictly control the production process to ensure the highest quality of the products. All our products are UL listed.